Lilit Home Makelaardij
Strevelsweg 72 A & 74 A
3075 AM Rotterdam

Tel: 010-2238912

Lilit Home construction BV

Lilit Home Construction BV is a company with a huge experience in building and renovating of properties.

We provide renovations from A till Z.Do you have a new house or does your old house need a refurbishment?Don't you know what you want or do you have some ideas and want help from professionals for an attractive price?

All the wishes or needs you have, the team of Lilit Home Bouw BV offers you professional service in.We would like to meet you for a non-committal offer.You can make use of our experience, advice and support at the first meeting.Our most popular services and products are:

-maintenance and renovation


-windows, window frames, doors

-kitchen montage

-Tile work




-Demolition work

You can always have a contact with us for more information about our services, products and offers.